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    Cake Mania 3 Strategy Guide

    Casual Gamer
    Casual Gamer

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    Cake Mania 3 Strategy Guide

    Post by Kaotika on Sun Sep 09, 2012 7:33 am

    I just thought of this, but I used Wayback Machine to gain access to Sandlot's old forum (the even older one, not the most recent). I was in search of an awesome strategy guide for Cake Mania 3 that I used for all my runs and I remember it worked flawlessly.

    In case anything happens to the archive of the old forum or if anyone wants it, here it is:

    1. Buy single decorator stand after first day. Keep it filled with simple cakes until halfway through the day.
    2. Buy top froster as soon as you have $2,000 -- about day 10 Lvl 1. It cuts your prep time in half. Be patient. Save. You can also opt to buy the time bender decorator here, but I don't think it helps as much as the froster since the low quality decorator only has the cheapest element and adds so much to your prep time.
    3. Buy the winged sandals (about last day of Lvl 1).
    5. Iron oven (1st day of Lvl 2).
    4. Phone.
    6. Now the hard part. be patient. Get the top volcano decorator -- critical choice, even though $$$$. You will nearly double your revenue instantly. If works much faster than the cheaper models and has the prized volcano adding $40 to each sale. Once you get that decorator, all the rest of the equipment comes really fast. After you buy what you need, you just accumulate tens of thousands because you have nothing else to buy. Woohoo!
    7. Top freezer -- critical fill strategy increases sales: Fill at end of each round with 2-layer, same color and shape + volcano cakes. Keep filling with these easy-make cakes through the session as often as you can. Even make customers wait for you if you can. About half will buy your freezer cakes, which gives you a quick sale and you get to consistently direct your customers choice so you don't waste time making 3-shape/3-color cakes for each. Once you run out of the easy cakes, your production really slows down, so keep making the cakes as close to closing as you can.
    8. Two top ovens purchased together for a total of 3 top ovens. If you buy your 2nd and 3rd ovens singly, you actually make it harder for yourself due to juggling more shapes. Two at once = total 3 top ovens, gives you the ability to make two at once of any shape. Makes refilling the freezer during the day a snap. Plus on the 'single shape days' you can just keep them pumping through.
    9. Top shoes.
    10. Top TV only when you have to -- each channel has shorter duration on best model, so you can change channels quicker. When the shop is full, you can just go around the colors every few seconds and everybody is happy unless opera guy is there hogging control. You don't need the top TV first, but if you follow this strategy, you won't need it until late in the game. Which is nice because it's annoying.
    11. Two more top frosters together, if you really want to. It does speed frosting somewhat, but you have to juggle 6 different colors, some cakes on two machines. I buy them just because I like the colors better than the original froster.
    12. When you finally have to (Future if you do China level early) top Cookie Oven to deal with all the opera guys grabbing TV controls. Sometimes there are so many opera guys in line you can't serve them first to get them out of the shop.

    Credits to Melissa McGraw for this awesome guide that I've used tons of times!
    Casual Gamer
    Casual Gamer

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    Re: Cake Mania 3 Strategy Guide

    Post by MJay on Sun Sep 09, 2012 7:45 am

    Thanks Kaotika Smile

    As I just posted in another thread, I'll be trying CM3 again sometime so I'll bear this in mind.

    I didn't get stuck before but that was because I did China first then France. This time I may try a different order (weren't there extra trophies for that?)
    Casual Gamer
    Casual Gamer

    Posts : 43
    Join date : 2011-10-31

    Re: Cake Mania 3 Strategy Guide

    Post by Kaotika on Sun Sep 09, 2012 7:54 am

    Hmm, I haven't played Cake Mania 3 in a long time, so I don't remember the trophy system (if there was even one).

    About the different order, I'm sure that there were trophies for that in Cake Mania 2. You could earn all 6 by ending on the 6 different locations. Still not sure about Cake Mania 3 though.

    Also, I suggest that you begin with France because there's an unfixed bug with the power-up.

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    Re: Cake Mania 3 Strategy Guide

    Post by Sponsored content

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