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    Tips for Defend the Village quests in Westward Kingdoms


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    Tips for Defend the Village quests in Westward Kingdoms

    Post by Scarlet on Tue Jan 10, 2012 10:56 am

    It took me a bit of time but I finally figured out how to complete the "Defend the village" quests and I thought it might be a good idea to have a tips thread for others who have trouble with them although I'm sure that many have gotten past this point now. Wink

    I won't post how many enemy waves, individual enemies, etc., are in each round since I don't tend to keep good track of statistics. Razz But rather, I'll simply list what I did to help me get through these quests and others are free to jump in as well. And I haven't seen a lot of places where others have posted tips so I think this could help:

    * Before starting on a round, I take a look at the surroundings and see where I can build a gold mine, logging camp, and stone mine. I always try to make sure that I can have all 3 at some point. In the beginning of each round, you always start with 2 villagers and 2 soldiers. With the 2 soldiers, sometimes one of them might be an archer.

    * Once I approach the scholar who gives the quest, then I have my soldiers pick up tomes of knowledge, potions, and any other items lying around. If there are practice dummies around, I have my soldier(s) use them to gain the experience. Meanwhile, I have my villagers build a logging camp, gold mine, and stone mine while I either upgrade a hut or build a new one.

    * Then what I do from here is build up my army. I build new barracks or upgrade them whenever I have enough resources to do so.

    * Tip: If one of your given soldiers is an archer, I make use of his abilities early on. An archer present most likely means that there are the monstrous plants around so I make sure that he kills them early on. Then later, if I lose the archer while battling one of the enemy waves-this might happen since the archer isn't as strong as a soldier-then at least I've already used up all his abilities and it won't matter if he's gone. I'll eventually get a new soldier to take his place.

    * When the enemy waves start approaching, I gather my soldiers and start attacking. As much as possible, I try to have my playable character take the hits since he/she can recover if they fall. After each wave has been defeated, I take advantage of the scholar's reward by having my soldiers take the tomes of knowledge. Make sure that you have soldiers who are close to leveling up take the tomes since if you do so, they'll regain full health and you won't need to use a potion on them.

    * I found that I did run out of potions but I never had to worry about buying new ones. It would take too long to level a villager up to a scholar and build an alchemy building. It's better to use tomes of knowledge on the soldiers to level them up and make them stronger to fight against the enemy waves.

    * If all else fails and you think that it's too difficult to deal with a certain landscape, you can exit the quests, go back to your respective kingdom, and then try the quest again. You might be given a different landscape which may be better to take advantage of its resources and fight off the enemy waves.

    Ok, that's it from me. I hope that I got everything down. Please feel free to add anything else I might have missed on this. ^^
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    Re: Tips for Defend the Village quests in Westward Kingdoms

    Post by Jeremiah on Wed Jan 11, 2012 1:18 am

    The tip about quitting to get a better landscape is good. I use it in WW 3 on the Wanted Poster challenge in order to get the one with the most free gun upgrades laying around ( usually the winter river one ).

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