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    Board Rules

    Post by matthias720 on Sun Oct 23, 2011 12:27 pm

    Rules Of Conduct:

    1. Respect everyone's opinion. Everyone has the right to have their opinion. If you don't agree with someone, then it's okay to say what your opinion is as long as you respect theirs.

    2. Everyone is entitled to their own belief in politics and religion, and that must be respected. But because of the volatile nature of these discussion topics, please refrain from posting topics about controversial subjects (ie: politics, religion, etc..). These subjects are not banned in general conversations, however, they will be heavily moderated to ensure that they do not get out of hand. The forum staff reserves the right to judge to determine whether a topic or discussion falls under this rule.

    3. Do not post adult content or profanity, in any form. Sandlot's games are enjoyed by many younger gamers, and we want to keep things clean for them. If you post something which we can't allow in this forum out of concern for our younger visitors, your post may be altered/removed without warning.

    4. Don't edit-out moderator edits. If a moderator has edited your post, do not change anything that the moderator has added/changed.

    5. Illegal activity or content is strictly prohibited. This includes copyrighted works, piracy, adult content, and anything else of questionable legality. This also applies for illegal game downloads. This forum takes a strong stance against such behavior.

    6. Destructive discussion is strictly prohibited. This includes hacking information, wiki vandalism, and anything else of a destructive nature.

    7. "Flaming" or "trolling" a member is strictly prohibited. If this happens to you, ignore the message and report it to a staff member.

    8. Do not register more then one account. This rule is subject to the discretion by staff members in a case-by-case manner.

    9. "SPAM" (stupid pointless annoying messages) is strongly discouraged. Do not follow links of spammers or spambots, and do not post in their topics. Just use the report button.

    10. Private Messages are to stay private. The two exceptions to this rule are if all parties involved agree to release the information, or if the information violates any rule of conduct and requires reporting to a staff member.

    11. Don't do back-seat moderating. If you see that someone has done something that you think is against the rules, please use the "Report to moderator"-button. Sometimes people can sound somewhat unfriendly when they tell others what not to do and sometimes they're wrong. A moderator will look into it and make a decision.

    12. Administrators and Moderators always have the final word. When it comes to a conflict between 2 members, regardless their status, an admin or moderator always has the final word.

    13. An Administrator can overrule a moderator. If a dispute becomes big, and a moderator says something, an admin can still overrule that if it is deemed necessary.

    Rules Of Posting:

    1. Double posting (posting two times in a row in the same topic) is strongly discouraged in most cases. If you wish to add information, edit your original post. The exceptions to this rule are: if the topic starter wishes to add information which would go unnoticed with an edit, or if a topic had been unused for a long time, and you wish to revive it, then you may double post.

    2. Bumping topics is allowed in most sections, as long as you have something worthwhile to contribute to the discussion.

    3. Conversations in topics must maintain a natural flow. Going off, even way off the original subject is allowed, as long as discussion of the original subject led you to that point. "Way off" is defined as a conversation not loosely related to the original subject.

    These rules are strict, but they are here to ensure a pleasant visit for everyone. If you have an issue with any of these rules, or if you feel a rule should be added, please contact a moderator or admin.

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