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    No One Around Anymore? Stuck For A Week!!

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    No One Around Anymore? Stuck For A Week!!

    Post by YaelleG on Sun Oct 19, 2014 8:31 am

    Hi. I have spent an incredible amount of time on Westward Kingdoms - more than I usually spend on any casual PC or Mac game and I would haaaate to start the whole thing over, especially when I don't know how to avoid having the same problem all over again...

    Here's my issue, even though I'm not sure anyonewill ever see this.
    I did the quest called Kingdom Restore. I saw it complete & disappear off of the list of quests and everything was fine. The next quest SHOULD have triggered then and it never did!! I have tried all sorts of things. I even went back, like after an hour of confusion & redid that part. Nothing again.

    What is going on?? The king is supposed to give a letter to begin the next whole phase of the game... cherry

    Can anyone help?? Have posted in other forums like on BFG and zero response. Nobody there plays any "real" games, anyhow. ITs literally 99% hidden object junk. Yuck.

    HELP!? Thanks in advance.

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